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Jamaica—The capital of luxurious all-inclusive resorts, Jamaica offers couples a rich variety of wedding styles and settings. Couples can exchange their vows beside a jungle waterfall, on a private island, in a Cliffside villa garden, or historic plantation great house overlooking the sea, or even underwater. Jamaica aims to please all. No honeymoon in Montego Bay is complete without a romantic ride down the mighty Martha Brae on a bamboo raft for two. Negril, known for its spectacular sunsets, scenic cliff diving, white sands and hopping nightlife. Negril's SevenMile Beach offers everything you need for the beach wedding of a lifetime.

Mexico—Every Mexican destination offers a wide array of possibilities to make the most significant celebration of your life a memorable experience. Among the many options, you can opt for an intimate ceremony by the sea, a mystical ritual performed by a shaman, or an elegant fiesta with hundreds of guests in a garden or colonial hacienda. As for accommodations, you can choose to stay in a posh hotel or resort, or perhaps a room on a yacht or cruise liner. To cherish this memorable event, you might want to consider a traditional wedding in one of Mexico’s beautiful old churches. After the ceremony, you can enjoy an extraordinary banquet of regional or international cuisine. Places like the Mayan Riviera, Oaxaca City and Los Cabos will offer everything you need to have a traditional wedding with excellent catering services and personalized attention.

Dominican Republic—This island is known as an excellent wedding and vacation destination. Honeymooners can spend the day strolling along the wide white sands of clean beautiful coastline, enjoying a variety of meals at 5 star hotel restaurants, dancing the Merengue at one of our many resorts or just unwinding under the palm trees, enjoying one of its many attractions or being pampered at your hotel or all inclusive beach resort or villa. Although a popular Caribbean destination, and despite the striking terrain, coral cliffs, beaches and old Spanish towns, and many tourists from around the world, the islands unspoiled natural beauty remains largely unexplored.

St. Lucia—is the perfect destination for Caribbean weddings and honeymoons. Palm fringed beaches, elegant old plantation houses, the soft tropical air, hypnotic steel band music, the tantalizing aroma of the cuisine combined all make weddings, honeymoons and anniversaries popular on St. Lucia. Wonderful climate, astounding beauty and friendly islanders makes St. Lucia simply perfect for your special wedding day.

Cayman Islands—For couples looking to plan an exotic island wedding, the Cayman Islands offers something few destinations can match...exquisite natural beauty infused with civility and commitment. Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac afford the locales, activities and attractions to make your experience larger than life. Tying the knot in this corner of the Caribbean couldn’t be easier.

Bahamas—The crystal clear waters and blue skies are just two reasons people choose to marry and honeymoon in The Bahamas. Experience the laid-back way of life of the Bahamians, the clearest water in the world, and a list of activities that goes on for miles. And with 700 tropical islands, you don’t have to stay put in one place. Spend one day on a remote island. The next on a bustling one. However you spend your days, you can rest assured, your honeymoon will be just as memorable as your wedding day.

Travel Tips

The Traveler's Medicine Cabinet

by Amy Chen

Pepcid Complete The drug eases heartburn by combining a stomach-acid reducer with an antacid. "But be careful mixing antacids and antibiotics¿it can reduce the effectiveness of the antibiotic," Wenzel says.

Band-Aids & Neosporin "I bring a bunch of Band-Aid sizes on trips to treat everything from a blister to a banged-up knee," Wenzel says. And Neosporin keeps cuts from getting infected.

Advil The ibuprofen in Advil not only reduces pain and fevers, it also can relieve inflammation of the muscles and tendons after a long hike¿Tylenol doesn't do that at all.

Ultrathon Insect Repellent Repellents with higher concentrations of deet protect longer against bugs. "Find something with 30 percent deet or more," says Wenzel. Ultrathon is a 34 percent deet lotion with a time-release formula that lasts up to 12 hours.

Dramamine Dramamine helps prevent motion sickness when taken at least 30 minutes before traveling. "It also makes people drowsy," Wenzel says. "So don't take it before flying if you know you'll have to drive when you get off the plane."

Imodium A-D When diarrhea strikes, Imodium can stop the symptoms within 30 minutes, unlike Pepto-Bismol, which takes up to six hours to kick in.

Benadryl In addition to alleviating hay fever symptoms, this drug can be used to treat hives and an itchy nose or throat caused by food allergies.

Neutrogena Sunscreen Many Neutrogena sunscreens are made with a formula called Helioplex, which the company says helps stop UVA absorbers from degrading too quickly¿making the sunblocks last longer.

Zithromax Wenzel says this prescription antibiotic is the most effective diarrhea cure¿especially in places like India and Thailand where bacteria are becoming more resistant to Cipro. For quick results, he recommends taking four 250-milligram pills with Imodium.

Cortaid Cortaid Maximum Strength anti-inflammatory cream contains 1 percent hydrocortisone, which is the highest concentration available without a prescription. The cream soothes rashes and bug bites.

Why Get Married Away from Home?

Here are a few good reasons to tie the knot in a beautiful place no where close to home:

1. Virtually Stress Free - If you know anyone who has had a traditional wedding lately, you know the stress involved with all of the planning.

All of the major resorts have very attractive wedding packages, as well as on-site wedding planners, who are familiar with the local license requirements. Your resort wedding planner will be able to arrange for all of you ceremony details, including your music, photographer, rehearsal dinner, officiant, and reception. Ahh, what a relief!

2. No Family Drama - Mom wants to invite your third cousin, twice removed from 1000 miles away. Dad wants to invite his entire office staff. Your mother-in-law to be thinks you should have an orchestra to entertain your reception dinner. Your sister wants........

A destination wedding allows your ceremony to be about the two of you and your wants.

3. Cost Effective - Many couples choose a destination wedding to help ease the cost of their ceremony. A couple can fly to a destination like Jamaica, and have a 7 night honeymoon as well for a couple thousand dollars, including airfare, food, entertainment, and water sports. The average cost of a traditional wedding at home begins at about $23,000, and can end up an incredible number, before the honeymoon is even factored in. How nice to be able to bank that extra cash for other necessities!

4. Perfect for Re-Marriages - Many second time marriage couples wed away because they are simple and private. Many also opt to blend the family in a tropical island paradise environment. You can bring the whole gang now to many kid-friendly all inclusive resorts and enjoy knowing exactly what your costs will be.